Oral Presentation

  • Autumn 2010.
  • Lecture: Monday 14:40-17:50, Room 208.
  • Office hour:
  • URL: http://csl.nagaokaut.ac.jp/course/oral10/

Course description: When making a presentation of research, starting with a simple introduction is most important. The easier your presentation is, the easier the questions will be (if you research is good!). Also in this course, students will have a chance to review English necessary for creating a clear easy-to-understand presentation in English of their own research topic. The teachers will give instruction in basic technical writing (grammar and vocabulary) and structure of English technical writing. This will include: summarizing their research, and deciding how to explain the outline of their research. Students must make a powerpoint presentation during the course and answer questions from other students and teachers.

CampusSyllabus: An official syllabus can be accessible through here.


Instructor: David Coulson(email: coulson at unii dot ac dot jp), office:

Co-instructor: Kenji HIRATA (email: hirata at nagaokaut dot ac dot jp), office: Mechanical Engineering-I, 408.

Required textbook:

Supplementary text:

Other useful readings:

Schedule, syllabus and homework: The following is a tentative schedule for the course. As revisions are needed, they will be posted on this web page. Supplemental materials which will be used during the class may be accessible through the following list.

class references homework answer remark slide
#01 Sep. 06th pdfdue: Sep. 08th, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#02 Sep. 13th pdfdue: Sep. 15th, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#03 Sep. 27th pdfdue: Sep. 29th,17:00 pdf - pdf
#04 Oct. 04th pdfdue: Oct. 06th, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#05 Oct. 18th pdfdue: Oct. 13th, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#06 Oct. 25th - - pdf -
#07 Nov. 01st - - pdf
#08 Nov. 08th pdfdue: Nov. 03rd, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#09 Nov. 15th pdfdue: Nov. 10th, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#10 Nov. 22nd pdfdue: Nov. 17th, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#11 Nov. 29th - - pdf -
#12 Dec. 06th pdfdue: Dec. 01st, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#13 Dec. 13th pdfdue: Dec. 08th, 17:00 pdf - pdf
#14 Dec. 20th - - pdf -
#15 Dec. 27th - - -

Grading: The following weights will be applied to each of the source: Powerpoint presentaion 60% + General participation 40%

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