Tohoku Rengo Conference 2023

Posted on Oct 15, 2023.

On 10/7 and 10/8, Hirata-sensei, Ajioka-kun and I went to the annual Rengo conference, which was organized at the Tohoku University this year.

At the entrance of the Tohoku University at the Kawauchi campus.

There were quite interesting talks about machine learning. It seems that, as we are moving toward the information age, analyzing and finding patterns in the data are becoming the new trend.

We had a nice gathering with the former students of Tokyo Tech, Mori-san (I met him 7 years ago) and Watanabe-san, now both assistant professors at the Tohoku University. Long time no see! (Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture with Hatanaka-sensei)...

From left to right: Yamauchi-san, Tam, Mori-san, Watanabe-san, Nakano-san.

On the last day, Ajioka-kun presented his research on the modeling of the trajectory of a baseball from the pitcher to the batter, considering the impact force of the batter and the conservation of the angular momentum. You can find his paper here. It was a great presentation!

Ajioka-kun presenting his research results.
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