Tam W. Nguyen


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Toyama.

My research focuses on the modeling and the control of nonlinear plants. Many of the systems that we encounter in our life are nonlinear. My first objective is to try to mathematically describe those systems as accurately as possible in order to predict their behavior. These models are then analyzed and validated through computer simulations and, possibly, compared with experimental data.

My second objective is to develop smart control algorithms to automate these systems in the real world. With the advent of more powerful processors, cloud data, and the interconnectivity of smart objects in our daily lives, I try to develop data-driven-based control algorithms. This approach naturally combines the power of artificial intelligence with the traditional tools of control engineering.

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Welcome to our group!

Let's welcome the four B4 new members to our group! In order of their student number:Kamiya-kunTakeshita-kunNonomura-kunHayano-kunIn fact, Takeshita-kun and Nonomura-kun...
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